Case Study

The one2tribe Capital Group has been consolidating on the pharmaceutical market by developing cooperation with Neuca S.A.

Customer – Neuca S.A.
Industry – Pharmacy

The Neuca Group is a Polish company active in many areas of the national healthcare market. Currently, it is a leader in the wholesale distribution of pharmaceuticals, while developing strategic businesses in the health market, including the production of pharmaceuticals, marketing, logistics, the management of a network of medical clinics, clinical trials, telemedicine, IT, advertising, and media.

The main objective of our Capital Group is cooperation with companies in the pharmaceutical sector. As part of the consistently implemented strategy, one2tribe is continuing its cooperation with Neuca S.A. after the pilot project was completed.

Objectives and assumptions

Cele i założenia
  1. Reducing absenteeism at work. Increasing the availability of non-regular employees
  2. Increasing knowledge of customer-service processes. Transfer of knowledge which the company would like to/should pass on to employees in the process of the adaptation and development training of employees.
  3. The development of soft skills
  4. Competence development
  5. Changing habits (approaches to the customer and approaches to work)

Implementation and cooperation

The project being implemented by the one2tribe team is full substantive support in terms of:

  • the preparation of task content for the Tribeware platform
  • the administration of the platform’s social networking wall
  • mission verification
  • analysing and reporting on user activities
  • balancing the reward budget
  • the support services for the project
  • business consultations.

“The possibility of cooperation with such a big partner as Neuca S.A. is above all a consequence of our activities on the pharmaceutical market. Our strategic goal is to develop cooperation with entities in the pharmaceutical sector, reinforcing our platform and services in this area. Currently, the incentive platform (Tribeware) affords a number of opportunities for the pharmaceutical sector, from supporting sales teams to implementing marketing strategies according to specific scenarios”,
– adds Radosław Marter, Managing Partner at the one2tribe Capital Group.

Realizacja i współpraca


The implementation of the project at Neuca S.A. is primarily change management in the organisation through the implementation of specific business objectives with the use of behavioural psychology, scenarios of the Tribeware platform, and full support for the rewards catalogue. The results of the change-management process of the ongoing project are as follows:

  • Involvement by the users stands at the level of 69%
  • The implementation of tasks based on the project KPI’s is 79%
  • Challenges concerning general knowledge were completed by 80% of the users
  • Tasks related to business objectives were undertaken by 64% of the users, 84% of whom completed all missions and tasks in this field
  • As many as 95% of the platform participants find it useful or very useful in their daily work
  • 86% of the participants say that the Tribeware platform has helped them gain the knowledge they need in their daily work

“Tribeware is not only a tool – it is first of all a consequence of pursuing a specific goal with the possibility of verifying key performance indicators and calculating return on investment. Each mission and task is quantifiable and measurable for our customers. Our current strategy focuses on the implementation of artificial intelligence in the solutions provided as part of the platform and consulting for the pharmaceutical industry. We are currently implementing projects to support the therapy of patients with regard to their immediate environment. The following weeks represent a strong expansion of our experience and products on the Polish and foreign markets”,
– says Wojciech Ozimek, CEO of the one2tribe Capital Group.