Case Study

Save your team from a communication disaster

Customer: Vienna Life
Industry: Insurance

Vienna Life is a financial institution offering insurance, savings and investment products. As an insurance group, it is the leading institution in Central and Eastern Europe.

Objectives and assumptions

The aim of the project implemented by one2tribe was to implement a new model of competence and communication. The chosen assumption was to involve every level of staff of the institution. One of the biggest challenges in the project turned out to be education in the context of communication, which significantly affects the specificity of work with the customer in the insurance industry, and other associates. The way of conducting the project was expected to be unconventional, in order to attract the interest of all employees of the organisation. Also, making participants aware of the criteria for employee assessment turned out to be a challenge for one2tribe

Implementation and cooperation

In order to achieve full unconventionality, it was decided to invite the Vienna Life team onto a project based on a film screenplay. The users were involved in activities not limited only to the Tribeware platform, but also to the broadly understood communication in the real world.

The Tribeware platform was used, among other things, to arrange a team game called “Save the Cosmonaut”, which took place in the company’s real office. The narration of tasks in the project referred to the expedition to space. In the first two weeks 52% of the staff logged into the platform before the official start, and 69% did so after the project meeting. As many as 78% of the users were active on the platform already in the middle of the first week of its operation.



The result of the implementation was a change in communication and cooperation habits among the Vienna Life staff. Awareness of the competences required in everyday work was achieved in 100% of the project participants. On the other hand, their involvement in activities related to the Tribeware platform oscillated around 78%. Attention was also paid to obtaining a sense of responsibility for the goodwill and the willingness of individual contribution to its development among the employees of the institution. During the project it turned out to be interesting to achieve the effect of noticing different styles of employee communication. Among other things, people with leadership potential and great organisational skills were selected. This allowed Vienna Life to see an area for further development.