Case Study

How to involve medical representatives effectively

Customer -a pharmaceutical company
Industry – pharmacy

Pharmaceutical companies regularly organise cyclical meetings of sales and marketing teams in order to present their strategy of action in the so-called next promotional cycle. This kind of event is an important point on the map of the sales and marketing strategies of every pharmaceutical company.

Eventy cykliczne

Cyclical events are prepared by sales and marketing managers. During such meetings it is important to present the strategy in detail. The purpose of cyclical meetings is to interest medical representatives and motivate them to implement the strategy in accordance with a previously agreed promotional message. The quality and effect of marketing activities, and also the reception of product presentations to doctors and pharmacists, depend on their enthusiasm.

For the management department of a pharmaceutical company, the real challenge might be to involve the sales force (medical representatives) in the course of the entire meeting, which usually lasts a few days. Every manager wants his or her strategy to be remembered and applied by the sales force, because this is the key to success, which is building a market advantage.

Objectives and assumptions

That is why the Customer-Engagement team of one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies decided to involve its representatives in the C4 briefing meeting, using innovative gamification mechanisms.

The innovative vision of the pharmaceutical company’s team could be achieved thanks to the use of Tribeware technology and the support of the one2tribe consulting team.

The main challenges faced by our company include:

  • advice on transforming the customer’s vision into a game scenario during the C4 meeting
  • developing a plan for the involvement of participants before C4 and during the event
  • the preparation of substantive scenarios for individual challenges, missions, and tasks for participants, based on guidelines laid down by the Customer-Engagement team of the customer
  • the implementation of the Tribeware platform (dedicated branding according to the formula of the meeting)
  • day-to-day project management (before and during the event)
  • technical support for users
  • support for rewards and logistics services regarding rewards.

In the case of cooperation between one2tribe and the pharmaceutical company, the basic objectives and assumptions which were defined for this particular event should also be presented.

  • An increase in the involvement of the participants in the meeting in the content provided
  • Improving communication with participants
  • A friendly app supporting participation in the meeting in an intuitive way
  • Efficient communication – quickly, easily, conveniently, always with the user on the phone
  • Helping to make the most of the time spent at the meeting
  • Gratification – attractive rewards, rankings, checking oneself.

Implementation and cooperation

The project was implemented in two phases, which was very important for its success. Two weeks before the start of the C4 briefing meeting, the first stage began, which included the following scenarios.

  • Activating the participants and encouraging them to download and use the app
  • Onboarding on the platform (how to use the app)
  • Informing the participants in the C4 event about its course – the agenda
  • Substantive preparation for the struggle during C4 (the distribution of materials).

The second stage was based on the game during the C4 meeting, where one2tribe implemented the scenario according to the following steps.

  1. Introduction to the game – announcement of competition (rules and rewards)
  2. Management of the participants (presence on panels, registration, communication)
  3. Checking the preparation for the conference (knowledge quizzes)
  4. Information on the results (also from meetings with coaches and doctors}
  5. Feedback:
    – Rankings informing about the current result
    – Results of substantive quizzes
    – • Mission results from coaches and doctors.

The Tribeware platform was the main tool for communication with participating reps (PRE – LAUNCH, LAUNCH). Through the platform, the participants carried out gamification activities.

Users on the platform could:

  • take up the challenges of the game (race)
  • keep in touch
  • fight for attractive prizes
  • compete for a place in rankings.
Realizacja i współpraca


The most-important goal was to involve the participants (representatives) in the course of the meeting using the Tribeware platform. Below are statistical data related to the implementation of the project.

Player structure – activated accounts

Player structure - activated accounts

Challenges for players

Challenges for players

The average performance of tasks by the user

The average performance of tasks by the user

Activity on the wall

Activity on the wall

Hours of user activity

Godziny aktywności użytkowników

During the C4 briefing meeting, where the one2tribe team was responsible for the involvement of the reps, I was able to watch the live reaction of the representatives who practically did not part with our Tribeware app. “I must admit that in my career so far I have not met with such a great commitment by the reps”
– says Radosław Marter, Managing Partner at the one2tribe Capital Group.

The innovative form of the involvement of the reps in the course of the C4 meeting was confirmed by the excellent substantive preparation. The representatives were already active on the platform before C4 and were able to take up preparatory challenges. In the results of the substantive quizzes on the platform, the vast majority of the participants achieved a result above 90% of the correct answers.

Conducting the C4 meeting on the basis of gamification in cooperation with one2tribe made it possible to achieve a non-standard formula in its course with the great involvement of the participants. A meticulously prepared communication plan and an appropriate narrative by the one2tribe team in close cooperation with the customer produced the desired results.