How does it work

We set a goal, design changes, implement, consolidate, and measure the effects.


We help change people’s behaviour and start new habits so that

  • the client’s advisor proactively proposes new solutions
  • the technical-support employee informs the customer that the request has been processed
  • the vendor suggests new products
  • members of the team exchange information
  • the manager involves employees in problem-solving processes
  • employees are willing to cooperate with each other
  • the patient follows the doctor’s recommendation
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Design the change
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Delegate / Execute
the change (to)
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Socialize the change

In researching user behaviour since 2003, we have developed a platform based on two most-effective relationships between the introduction of desired behaviours and their consolidation in the form of habits.

These include:

  1. Reward schedules (B.F.Skinner), a mechanism which consists of reinforcing and rewarding the desired behaviour
  2. Social modelling (A. Bandura) – the influence of others on a given programme participant. These are persons treated as an authority, a coach, and other associates.

We implement changes by means of small steps, which introduce visible effects at the level of the organisation.

Small steps, addressed to the “average”, immediately awarded with small prizes, add up! In this way, a significant effect at the level of the whole organisation is created.

Rewarding is a feedback signal to the employee that he or she is doing the right thing. On the other hand, a feedback signal gives a sense of control and appreciation of efforts. In teams of several-dozen people, it is difficult to address praise for each of the employees. In order to turn a given behaviour into a habit, an immediate reinforcing reaction (reward) is necessary. Bonus systems work too slowly, so that the behaviour is not fixed. Thanks to the use of AI, our platform provides a customised mode of tasks and rewards and creates a personalised daily plan – like a coordinator, taking into account the individual predispositions of each employee.

The effect is that the desired behaviour is adequately reinforced, and permanent changes in the team take place at the level of the organisation.



The game starts with leaders!

As part of the joint kick-off activities, we will prepare a map of your team’s involvement, and as part of the process map we will determine

  • groups of people,
  • incentive scenarios,
  • communication scenarios.



60-90% of employees are involved in our incentive projects.

We design the programme’s communication and draw people into the game. This is the most-difficult moment of the programme, but giving the most satisfaction.


and community

By learning in the course of our work we achieve 65% better results than traditional e-learning.

  • Activated users is a learning group,
  • Before we start motivating, we pass on knowledge to them,
  • We take care to implement knowledge in the form of attractive micro-learning.


and animation

More than half our active users (20,000 people) have been with us for 2 years.

The model of our platform is rewarding for daily tasks. We support and supervise this process and the daily activities of your team.



We give about 4,000 non-cash rewards a month.

At any time the user can exchange his or her virtual currency for real rewards. and we will organise the full support of the rewards service. We also arrange full outsourcing related to tax, legal, and logistics issues.